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   1998    Sonoon Corporation Limited was founded in China

   1999    Sonoon started the production of CRT Monitor

   2000    Sonoon set up a monitor factory in Fuyong, Shenzhen

   2001    Sonoon started the R&D of LCD Monitor

   2002    Sonoon started producing LCD Monitor

   2004    Sonoon moved its factory to Shiyan, Shenzhen

   2005    Sonoon started the production of LCD TV

   2007    Sonoon set up another monitor factory in Dashi, Guangzhou

   2008    Sonoon started the production of LED Monitor and LED TV

   2013    Sonoon moved to the new factory in Gongming, Shenzhen

   2015    Sonoon introduced CCTV monitor to the market

   2016    Sonoon developped touch monitor 

   2018    Sonoon Corporation Limited was renamed Sonoon Industry Limited